Cruise Final Days & Daredevil Bill NOV 27, 2022

The day after the Dominican Republic was our final day at sea. As if the off-road vehicle ride wasn’t enough excitement, Bill wanted to enjoy some of the ship’s outside activities. First up was the ship’s ropes course and zip line. Yes, they actually have that on top of the ship. While Bill got harnessed up, I figured out the best positions to get pictures.

It was very windy and it felt like my phone was going to be ripped from my hand. But despite the wind, coughing and wheezing, I managed to get some pictures. I did notice that Bill was the oldest person up there doing this!

Flying Through the Air

Walking the Plank Over the Edge

One section was actually a zip-line, flying through the air suspended!

Next up was the red waterslide. Bill said it felt like he was in that dark tunnel going round and round a long time before coming out the other end. Again, the oldest person there too!

We celebrated his survival from those activities with some time in the hot tub and enjoying the poolside. Quite a few people had the same idea. 

Here is our last sunset from our cruise ship.

We got up early the next morning for the sail into Port Canaveral.

This is Jetty Park Campground

Other Ships Waiting to Leave

We could see the condos where we lived from 2020-2021.

We also saw one of the SpaceX recovery ships: Shannon. This ship is a recovery ship, that is used to recover the Dragon space capsule, the astronauts and then travel back to Port Canaveral. The vessel is equipped with a medical treatment facility and helipad for emergency situations. The name is in honor of NASA astronaut Shannon Walker, the first female astronaut that SpaceX flew.

It was a quick drive home. End of a great trip. 

Next: We have some great trips planned in 2023 beginning in March. Stay tuned. Happy New Year and thanks for following along! 


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