Hong Kong, MAR 16 2024

We arrived in Hong Kong on a very foggy morning. Visibility was practically zero. We were last here Hong Kong, FEB 1, 2020 at the beginning of the pandemic. During that cruise, after Hong Kong our cruise ended unexpectedly.

Unlike last time, we did not get up early to see the sail into the harbor due to the fog. This time we were going to be in Hong Kong overnight. Like many of our ports, we were welcomed by local entertainers.

During our last visit to Hong Kong we took the Hop On Hop Off Bus around the island. This time we booked an excursion. We took a bus under the Victoria Harbour by tunnel and then the bus climbed a steep, winding road to a funicular.

The Peak Tram Entrance

We rode a funicular tram (1,300 feet) to The Peak Tower. The Peak Tower (1,376 feet above sea level) is Hong Kong’s highest viewing platform where on a clear day we would have had an exceptional view of Hong Kong. Due to the fog, we saw absolutely nothing. One passenger said she had been to Victoria’s Peak three times and had yet to have a clear view. But riding the funicular tram was fun!

The funicular began operating in 1888 and takes about 17,000 riders to six stations to the upper levels of Hong Kong Island. The tram was renovated and upgraded in 2022.

Posing With Benedict Cumberbatch

The excursion bus driver drove much too fast on the curvy road back down the mountain, leaving some passengers feeling queasy.

Sandy Public Beach

Our next stop was in Aberdeen, an area on the southwest side of Hong Kong where we took a sampan ride. A sampan is a small wooden boat normally propelled by oars. We had an enjoyable ride around the harbor.

An elderly lady maneuvered the boat.
Our last stop was at Stanley Market. This is a street market typical of traditional old open air markets in Hong Kong. It is a major tourist attraction known for bargains and haggling. We bought nothing.

Our second day in Hong Kong we thought about taking the Hop On Hop Off Bus again but it was another very foggy day. We decided to visit the garden on top of the huge cruise terminal beside our ship. How like Hong Kong to create a garden and walking area on top of the roof of a cruise terminal. We not only enjoyed the exercise but we also found two geocaches.

View Of The Cruise Terminal

We saw a group of children having a kindergarten graduation ceremony. In Asia the school year ends in March and the new school year begins in May.

During sail away the ship provides special music, snacks and drinks.

We Waited For the Cruise Ship Behind Us To Go First

The Pilot Pickup Boat

Next up: Da Nang, Vietnam

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