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Arizona, Nov 27, 2019

After leaving Big Bend National Park in Texas we headed west to Arizona. We spent a week in Benson, Arizona and a week in Tucson. 

While in Tucson we enjoyed beautiful sunsets and a stroll in the desert near our campsite. IMG_20191110_173215IMG_20191116_165743IMG_20191116_165649

Back in late September while attending the Albuquerque Hamfest I took and passed the General exam, raising my amateur radio license from Technician to General. I decided then I wanted to take the Extra exam to achieve the highest level amateur radio license. The fact that Bill is an Extra probably had something to do with it. Studying for the exam involved learning and memorizing over seven hundred questions about radio frequencies, antennas, policies, electrical components, etc. It was hard! I spent October studying and while we were in Tucson the amateur radio club there held testing on Nov 11th. I took the test and passed, only missing one question! Glad to know the brain and memory still works. I even got a celebration cake with my call sign on it. Thanks Bill! 20191114_155438

While in Tucson we also met the Walmart floor cleaning robot. We named him Robbie the Robot and had a good laugh at him. I saw a small boy, about three years of age, trying to talk to Robbie. So cute! 20191114_144127

Next was Casa Grande, Arizona where Bill celebrated his birthday on November 22nd.  We will be celebrating Thanksgiving here before moving to Yuma on Dec 1st. IMG_20191122_153203IMG_20191122_153207_MPIMG_20191122_152212

Happy Thanksgiving everyone from Bill and Diane!!