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Florida Bound! OCT 12, 2020

We knew this time would come some day, though I must admit we didn’t expect it quite this soon. As we started to plan our 2021 travels we found we didn’t feel the excitement and anticipation from past years. Basically we have pretty much seen and done everything on our USA bucket list, some of them more than once (Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, the Pacific Coast Highway).

We had long discussions about what we wanted the future to look like. After much thought and a few tears, we decided to hang up the keys. It was not an easy decision. IMG_20190317_161919IMG_20190317_161950

While we were in Oklahoma City we sold the RV. We originally planned on waiting until we arrived back in Florida, but after speaking with several RV dealers in Oklahoma City, Texas, Louisiana and Florida, we found that Oklahoma City was giving us the best price. Making the decision was the hardest part, actually handing over the keys was somewhat anticlimactic. Perhaps we were just tired from packing and ready for it to be over. We put all our things in a U-Haul trailer and drove to Florida (took four days and  three nights: a long trip). IMG_20200918_152431IMG_20200919_120202IMG_20200919_143551_1IMG_20200919_150017

On September 21st we arrived in Palmetto, Florida where a friend of Bill’s (for 46 years/college) and his wife graciously invited us to stay with them. IMG_20200920_150810

Originally we thought we wanted to settle down on the Gulf coast of Florida, specifically the Sarasota area. After two real estate agents and 10+ aggressive days of searching for a single family home, villa or condo, we had not found anything we felt we liked well enough to buy. We were discouraged to say the least. 

We decided to drive over to the east coast of Florida, spend the night and look at property on that side of the state, specifically the Melbourne area. We felt the pull of the ocean. It felt like home to Bill who had grown up in Jacksonville Beach. After looking at property on our own as well as a morning with a real estate agent, we still had no answers or a home to buy. 

Then an epiphany hit. Why buy? Why rush the decision? Why not rent for a year? Get a feel for different areas and have more time to look for what we want! Within two hours we found two condos to inspect and settled on one of them in Cape Canaveral. We move in on October 19th.

solana lake Cape Caneveral

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View from Our Balcony

When we left the RV we had no furniture. This condo is beautifully furnished so there is no need to rush to buy furniture. We have a year’s lease and when the year is up it will be very easy to move. In many ways renting without all the responsibility that comes with home ownership really appeals to us right now.

Once the pandemic is under control and a vaccine is available, we plan to travel once again. Just not by RV. We hope to do much more international travel. This is not the end of “Through the Eyes” our travel blog! We will be updating you on our travels as soon as it is safe for us to travel again. Our world travel bucket list is long. 

Our new address is:
8931 Lake Dr.
Apt 403
Cape Canaveral FL 32920-5502

Many thanks for following along with us these 7+ years.

See you down the road. Stay safe. Stay healthy!