Bangkok, Thailand JAN 19, 2020 Part 2

We pulled up to our restaurant located in a hotel. IMG_20200119_122240Inside was a very nice air conditioned Thai restaurant where a private buffet lunch awaited us. They had a choice of beer or soft drink and the traditional Thai food was delicious. Just what our hot thirsty group needed! Bill had his first dragon fruit, a tropical fruit he said was similar to a kiwi but without much taste. IMG_20200119_125310IMG_20200119_131922IMG_20200119_131916

After cooling off and being fed and hydrated, we were all ready to head by bus to Wat Suthat or Big Buddha. This is one of the oldest and most important temples in Bangkok. The Big Buddha is 68 feet tall. While we were visiting they were having a service and we tried to not be obtrusive. IMG_20200119_135721IMG_20200119_135851IMG_20200119_135859IMG_20200119_135954IMG_20200119_140807IMG_20200119_140853IMG_20200119_141428

Above is King Rama VIII Monument.


By this point the heat was unbearable and putting our shoes off and on was getting old. It seemed every time I took my shoes off my feet were more swollen, making it harder and harder to get my shoes back on.

We were all ready when it was time to get back on the bus and ride the two hours back to the ship.  The bus driver met us at the door with cool towelettes which was much appreciated. The bus was cool and we were tired so we didn’t mind the two hour ride back to the ship. IMG_20200119_142642_1

Many officials current and previous have their pictures posted on the highways. This one we believe is the current King and Queen of Thailand. IMG_20200119_142626_MP

Along the way back we could glimpses of everyday life such as clothes hanging to dry on balconies. IMG_20200119_153553

When we arrived back to the ship Holland America staff again greeted us with cold towels and cold lemonade. Yes, it was that hot!

It was time to tell Sidney farewell and thanks for a fun day in Bangkok! 

That evening the ship’s entertainment was a native Thailand dance performance. IMG_20200119_193218IMG_20200119_190949IMG_20200119_193449

Our cruise is continuing North, so stay tune.

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  1. carfy

    More great photos1 Brings back lots of memories. Thanks for sharing guys! We are headed to Cordele in a few weeks for the Selph Reunion. Will be thinking of you and your travels.

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