Abiquiu Lake, NM AUG 25, 2019

We said a sad farewell to beautiful Colorado and headed to New Mexico. We drove over two passes, our last two passes of the summer. 20190823_111523IMG_20190823_161322

The road was an open range area and we had to watch carefully for cattle in the roadway. IMG_20190823_162730IMG_20190823_16273820190823_112957

As we neared our campground it looked more and more like New Mexico landscape, just beautiful! IMG_20190827_134649IMG_20190827_134931IMG_20190827_135216IMG_20190827_135222IMG_20190827_135320IMG_20190827_135332IMG_20190827_135355IMG_20190827_135948

We had a four night reservation at the Abiquiu Lake Reservoir in the Riana section campground, a COE (Corps of Engineers) facility. We were last here in Sept, 2017. IMG_20190827_142715EFFECTSIMG_20190827_143025IMG_20190827_143436IMG_20190827_143358

I remembered this sign and wasn’t any happier to see it now than I was the last time. Luckily, none were spotted. Whew! But I would be lying if I said I wasn’t on guard every time I stepped out the door. IMG_20190827_143127

Boy was it hot with temperatures in the mid 90’s. It didn’t take us long to miss Colorado even more.¬†

Abiquiu Lake is a reservoir of water impounded from the Rio Chama River by the earth-filled Abiquiu Dam. The Rio Chama River is a major tributary of the Rio Grande River. We drove over the dam and could see the water in the reservoir is significantly down this visit. IMG_20190827_104002IMG_20190827_104009IMG_20190827_141457IMG_20190827_142122IMG_20190827_142116

Next up: A week long visit to Santa Fe to attend the Family Motor Coach Association Amateur Radio Fall Rally 

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  1. karnold249

    Beautiful countryside but how in the world do you pronounce the name of that area and lake, Abiquiu?

    Thanks for the great updates.


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