Prescott, AZ JUN 30, 2019

We spent the month of June in Prescott, AZ, elevation 5,300.  After the cool, rainy May in Show Low, Prescott was hot and dry.  South of Prescott is Phoenix, Yuma and Tucson all were really hot 100+ degrees!

Prescott claims to have the oldest and longest running rodeo dating back to July 4,1888 and was the first to charge admission. In 1964 Barry Goldwater launched his presidential campaign from the Prescott courthouse steps. IMG_20190705_144834

The nearby Granite Dells is known for large boulder outcroppings of granite and our campground was located near this area. While the campground was geographically unique in appearance, it was hot and very very dusty. IMG_20190627_154804IMG_20190627_155544IMG_20190629_145623-EFFECTSIMG_20190629_145659IMG_20190629_145556IMG_20190629_145411IMG_20190627_154901

Our time in Prescott was relaxed and low key. It was too hot to hike or even geocache. Bill enjoyed meeting Amateur Radio members in the Prescott area and became good friends with one member who helped Bill improve the radio antenna he uses on our RV. While we were in Prescott the annual radio event known as “Field Day” occurred and Bill and I attended two local events including a great barbecue. We had such a good time we forgot to take pictures!

Next up: Our summer travels pick up speed with a visit to Monument Valley, Utah


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