Yuma, AZ Jan 11, 2019

We are continuing to enjoy our time in Yuma. We had a very nice Christmas dinner at our RV resort. 20181225_174826

Bill is continuing to participate in meetings and breakfast get-togethers with fellow amateur radio friends. IMG_20181229_074909

The weather has been cooler than past winters we have experienced here, but this week has been warmer with beautiful sunny skies. IMG_20181231_115211IMG_20190102_210546

One day we drove south to San Luis, the southwest corner of Arizona. Along the way we saw several fields of very dirty sheep. IMG_20181230_154635-EFFECTS

We were curious to see what the border barrier looked like here and a geocache had been placed on or near the border. This barrier was constructed in the Yuma area in 2007 in response to many illegal crossings and criminal activity. The Yuma sheriff recently said it has helped a lot. This impressive barrier is much different than what we saw a year ago on the border near Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument. IMG_1669

As we looked for the geocache container a border patrol vehicle went by on the other side of the barrier and the agent waved. We didn’t find the geocache and we suspect it has been removed by the border patrol. That is fine with us since we didn’t think a geocache should have been placed there to begin with. The border patrol has enough to do without people looking near the border for geocaches! IMG_20181230_133813IMG_20181230_133820

We welcomed in the New Year by celebrating in each time zone. Easy to do when you are on the West Coast!

Next week we will head to Quartzsite, AZ for the annual get-together of RVers in the desert. As usual we will be parking with the amateur radio group. Always great fun! Then we will be back to Yuma for the Yuma Hamfest the third weekend in February.

We wish everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year!!

Until next time!

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