Ventura, CA OCT 28, 2018

After enjoying our time along the coast in Oceano we traveled inland towards a private campground bordering the Los Padres National Forest about thirty miles inland from Santa Barbara. The campground was nestled in a valley which trapped the heat and made it very hot with temperatures of 90 each day. We have been in the 70s to mid 80s most of this year. The campground also had a scary very narrow road leading into the campground with sharp blind curves and much of the road too narrow for two cars to pass. I drove the car ahead of the RV and we used walkie talkies (ham radios) so I could let Bill know if there was a vehicle approaching from the opposite direction. We managed okay entering and leaving the campground but it was definitely a negative for possibly returning in the future.

After four days we headed back to the coast for a week long stay at a small county campground right on the Pacific Ocean in Ventura. IMG_4430IMG_4447

Arriving on a Sunday we had quiet days in the campground until Friday when it filled up and became crowded and noisy. A note for next time: arrive on Sunday and leave on Friday before the crowds arrive.

Our first five days were quiet looking at the waves, watching all the surfers and enjoying the gorgeous sunsets. This is a popular place for surfers since it is both a campground and a day use area.  IMG_4456IMG_4457IMG_20181029_163402IMG_20181029_163617

Bill was fascinated with the new surfboards. A hydrofoil board is a surfboard with a hydrofoil that extends below the board into the water. This design causes the board to leave the surface of the water so the surfer skims above the water. IMG_20181029_173641IMG_20181029_173915

One day we drove down the coast to Malibu, enjoying the scenery along the way. We remembered when we were in Malibu four years ago there was a seafood restaurant with really good food. So along with enjoying the views we also had the goal of stopping at Malibu Seafood for lunch; Just as good as we remembered! On the way home we drove Pacific Coast Highway to the snaky Mulholland Highway to the US 101. 

 We stopped by the Channel Islands National Park Visitors Center. IMG_20181030_153425

The Channel Islands are made up of eight islands off the coast of southern California. Five of those islands make up the Channel Islands National Park. They are only accessible by boat. The U. S. military uses some of the islands as training grounds, weapon test sites and as a strategic defense location. Boat tours to the Islands are available but rather pricey. Maybe next time. The Visitors Center had great views of the nearby marina where the National Park Service parks their boats and views of the city of Ventura. IMG_20181030_161851IMG_20181030_161930

Next up: A day trip exploring Santa Barbara


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