Beach 4 Olympic NP, WA AUG 17, 2018

While we were staying at South Beach we drove just up the road (US 101) to “Beach 4” in the Olympic National Park.  We had read there was some great tidal pool viewing during low tide. It is very important to look at the tide charts if you want to do any beach activities on the northwest beaches. Most of these pictures can only be taken during low tide. IMG_3506IMG_3557IMG_3514IMG_3519

We hiked the short trail towards the beach which abruptly stopped at the end of a small bridge.  From here you had to climb down an uneven rocky cliff to the beach. 20180817_110507

I am not ashamed to say I was too scared to do it. It is not only steep but the rocks are tilted at odd angles due to continental movement over the past 15 million years. We were shocked that the national park did not provide a safer way to get to the beach. Even though several people came by and carefully picked their way down, I refused to try. I just do not like rock scrambling. I encouraged Bill to go ahead without me and I was more than happy waiting on the bridge. At one point a park ranger came by leading a nature walk and helped his group down the worst part of the rocks. I was still not willing to do it. 20180817_111146

Bill walked down the beach to some rock outcroppings and took some great pictures of many anemones, lots of starfish, a jellyfish and an eagle. I enjoyed seeing the pictures just as you are now. Bill said he had to do a lot of rock scrambling to get the pictures and even if I had gone down to the beach I probably would not have wanted to climb on the rocks to see anything. IMG_3507IMG_3515IMG_3516IMG_3527IMG_3528IMG_3530IMG_3531IMG_3537IMG_3538IMG_3544IMG_3548IMG_3554IMG_3556IMG_3560IMG_3563IMG_3567IMG_3569IMG_3576IMG_3578IMG_3580

Yep, happy just to look at the pictures! While the Washington beaches are rugged, wild and absolutely beautiful, they are not easily accessible. They all require a degree of hiking; some short hikes, some challenging hikes and as I found out, occasionally some rock climbing. I prefer beaches where you park and walk right out across the sand to the water. IMG_3581



Another Example Of A Nurse Tree

We were happy to see Destruction Island and a lighthouse built in 1891. IMG_3520IMG_3526

Next: As fall approaches we head south back to Oregon

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