Woodland, WA June 3, 2018

After two wonderful weeks at Seaside, Oregon we headed northeast and crossed over Columbia River into Washington state.  20180603_16050120180603_16053420180603_160621We settled into a private campground in the town of Woodland. We loved our campsite with a front row view of the Columbia River.  During our week-long stay we really enjoyed watching the ships, boats and tugs sailing between Portland and the Pacific Ocean. 


This boat is being towed by four togs.


This is an auto carrier that was coming from San Francisco to Portland


This Navy ship is on the way to Fleet Week at Portland


Unfortunately the day after our arrival Bill came down with a very bad stomach virus so several days there were spent recovering.


Mount Hood in Oregon

Later in the week we took a drive along the Historic Columbia River Highway where we passed back into Oregon and visited two waterfalls.  

First up was the popular Multnomah Falls, which at 620 feet is the tallest waterfall in Oregon. IMG_20180606_114214IMG_20180606_113934IMG_20180606_115255

We last visited here in 2014. We had hoped to hike to the bridge you see in the picture.  We were very disappointed to learn the trail to the bridge has been closed due to severe damage from wildfires last year. The wildfires that did millions of dollars in damage was caused by a child playing with firecrackers.  We asked a couple people when the trail and bridge would be reopened. One person said a couple weeks and another said a few years!

From there we drove to Latourell Falls.  We hiked up a short but very steep trail to a view of this lovely 250 foot waterfall. IMG_20180606_132306IMG_20180606_131340-EFFECTSIMG_20180606_131718


Mount Adams in Washington

On the way home we stopped at The Crown Point Vista House with a fabulous view 733 feet above the Columbia River.  The Vista House is a museum of the Columbia River area and a memorial to Oregon pioneers. IMG_20180606_133817IMG_20180606_135744

Next stop:  Chehalis, WA

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