Grants Pass, Oregon May 4, 2018

After saying farewell to beautiful Mount Shasta, we headed north towards Oregon. 20180504_105430

We passed over Siskiyou Summit which at 4,310 feet is the highest point on Interstate 5 in the United States. Immediately everything was greener and just gorgeous. 20180504_11161520180504_114359
We arrived in Grants Pass, Oregon, population 34,500. Located along the Rogue River, the town was named after General Ulysses S. Grant. IMG_20180505_143148

The town’s motto is “It’s The Climate”, a reference to this region’s Goldilocks climate: not too hot, not too cold but just rightIMG_20180504_154217

I loved the huge lilac bushes around town as well as the gorgeous white and pink dogwood trees which reminded me of my home state of Virginia. The dogwood is Virginia’s state tree and state flower so Grants Pass reminded me so much of home. 20180504_150810IMG_20180506_140719
While in Grants Pass for three nights we did a lot of geocaching around the town, including one found at the site of the town mascot, a caveman.
One day we drove to Valley of the Rogue State Park for some hiking and geocaching. IMG_20180505_143222


This Mural was found in the city of Rogue River

This bridge crosses the Rogue River where a ferry once ran. IMG_20180506_143616
Next stop: Salem, Oregon

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