Tucson, AZ Part 2, NOV 15, 2017

While we were in Tucson we visited Saguaro (sa-WAH-row) National Park.  They are actually two districts to the park:  Saguaro West-Tucson Mountain District and Saguaro East-Rincon Mountain District.  The two districts are separated by Tucson and are about thirty miles apart.  Together, they preserve over 91,000 acres of the Sonoran Desert, including the saguaro cactus. The saguaro cactus, the supreme symbol of the American Southwest, has been protected in the park since 1933.  When we visited Tucson in December, 2013 we visited the west side of the park.  This time we visited the west side again and also visited the east side.  We took time to see the movies at both Visitors Centers and drove through both parks, enjoying the views, especially of the saguaros and different cacti.IMG_20171109_155814


This is what a saguaro looks like on the inside


First up was the Bajada Loop Drive in the Saguaro West District.IMG_20171109_150814IMG_20171109_151559IMG_20171109_151709IMG_20171109_15081420171109_151918IMG_20171109_155623IMG_20171109_160815

On another day we drove the Cactus Forest Drive in the Tucson East District.IMG_1565IMG_1567IMG_1569

After finishing our drive in the Tucson East District, we drove the Mount Lemmon Scenic Byway which took us to an elevation of 9,157 feet.  The temperature averages thirty degrees cooler here compared to Tucson.  At the top is a small ski resort, many lodges, restaurants and a general store.  IMG_1572IMG_1577IMG_1582IMG_1597IMG_1588IMG_1589IMG_1595IMG_1598

We enjoyed a picnic lunch at the top and it was so chilly we had to put on jackets.  The views of Tucson at the top and during the drive were beautiful.IMG_1593IMG_1594

Before we left Tucson we drove to a nearby RV park to meet up with two of Bill’s FMCA amateur radio buddies.  We enjoyed meeting them and their wives and after visiting for awhile we all went out to lunch.  Weekly they talk by radio where ever they maybe.


KW4FD Bill, W0BEB Bruce and K5WF Howard

Next stop:. Casa Grande, AZ

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