August 25, 2016 Wells, Maine

We had a wonderful week in Bar Harbor but now it was time to head south.  We have been in Maine for three weeks and we were now headed to the small town of Wells for our last week in Maine.  We are really enjoying our time along the Maine coast.  If you measure the coast of Maine DIRECTLY it is only 228 miles.  BUT, Maine’s SHORELINE is 3,478 miles, which is longer than California’s.  Three fourths of all visitors to Maine stay along the coastline.
We had a pleasant drive except for some roadwork which they DO need.  We settled into our campground and started planning our week.  The week in Bar Harbor had been quite intense and busy, so we decided to make this week more laid back and relaxing, along with catching up on paperwork and the blog.  Even life on the road has paperwork and cleaning and laundry that needs to be done and it sure piles up fast!
Nevertheless we did find time to explore the area. On Saturday we drove to Mount Agamenticus where we were promised a fantastic view of the White Mountains of New Hampshire to the west and far out to sea in the east.  At 692 feet it is not a very big mountain as mountains go, but since it was a beautiful day we decided it was worth the drive.  The view at the top was nice but as summer views often are, it was too hazy to get a great view or picture.

20160829_155535Monday we drove up to Kennebunkport, a popular summer resort and location of one of the homes of the President George Bush family. Kennebunkport is a small touristy town but we loved the view along the beach where we could see the Bush residence. The home is located on a peninsula called Walkers Point. We took pictures from the closest point allowed.   At this viewpoint an anchor was placed in honor of George H. W. Bush.20160829_16101320160829_16113220160829_161326

During our time in the area we spent time in the various little coastal towns of Wells, Kennebunkport and York. The beautiful homes and picturesque views along the water were in my opinion prettier than Martha’s Vineyard.20160829_16055820160830_13041220160830_13042820160830_13175220160830_185925
Next we leave Maine and head to the Adirondacks in New York.


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  1. shirley

    Loved this. The beaches were not like southern beaches. I especially enjoyed the pictures of Bush’s summer home. Just beautiful. Bill did a great job with pictures and Diane with writing

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