January 17, 2015 Quartzsite, Arizona

Our month in Hemet was very busy with yearly physicals, chores around the RV and making plans and reservations for much of 2015.

We left Hemet and headed to Quartzsite, Arizona to join a huge gathering of RVers.  We had read that for about a month in Quartzsite, RVers from all over the country gather to socialize and enjoy the warm Arizona winter sunshine while camping in the desert.  They take advantage of miles and miles and miles of BLM land (Bureau of Land Management) where you can camp for up to 14 days free.  Anywhere from 750,000 to 1,000,000 people surround the tiny town of Quartzsite, and needless to say they love having the extra money in the local piggy banks.  Also during this time vendors come from all over and set up their wares near the town center, which includes everything you could possibly imagine wanting or needing, and then some!  If you love flea markets, this is your paradise.

We discovered that among the many groups meeting in the desert was a large group of amateur radio enthusiasts (see quartzfest.org).  We decided to join them and it turned out to be an excellent choice.  Bill had a ball since every day, members of the group had daily seminars on all kinds of topics related to amateur radio, as well as other useful seminars on topics such as solar energy.  In the evenings they had happy hour as well as a couple of pot lucks.  Also while we were there Bill was able to take a test and upgrade his license from General to Extra, the highest level possible.  He was thrilled and I was so proud of him because he decided to take the exam 2 days before it was being given.  With all the seminars, happy hours and fun activities, he had very little time to study.  Most people have study for months and still have to take the test several times, so it was quite an accomplishment for him to pass it the first time with little study.

While camping in the desert we saw some beautiful sunrises and sunsets, as well as clear, starry night skies.  We never saw or heard any coyotes.  They probably retreated far into the desert to get away from the crowds.  In our amateur radio group there were around 440 people, and a ranger told us the crowd in Quartzsite this year was estimated to be 850,000.  We had never seen anything like this gathering of RVers, it is truly a place like no other in the world!  We were so glad we went and can’t wait to go back again!


IMG_20150120_180430After 10 days in the desert we packed up and headed to see one of the seven wonders of the Industrial Age.  More on that in the next blog!

One thought on “January 17, 2015 Quartzsite, Arizona

  1. karnold249

    Wow, that place sounds great. What did you do for water and sewer?

    And, Bill, great job on the accomplishment with the ham radios. My brother, also Bill, is very big into that too. He has so much fun doing it as I am sure you do too.

    Know you saw the new coach. We love the extra space, and especially the washer and dryer.
    Have fun and stay healthy and safe.

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